Unsure about what size you want, or where to put your portraits?

This page will help you if you're unsure about sizes. I have lots of example sizes and products that I display at shows and events, so I can bring them round to your home when we view your images so that you can get a better idea of what might look good on your walls. An 8x12" is a great size print, but when you put it up on a wall and step back it can seem very small! 

To give you an idea, I've added a couple of pictures here to help. In the image above, the print would be approximately 20"x30". A good statement size to go above a bed, or a desk.

In the living room image below, that canvas of the dog in the sunset would be 24"x36" which would fill the space above a fireplace, or behind a sofa very nicely. It's maybe easier to visualise if you think of it as 2ft by 3ft.
If you are short on space, we can get your prints to fit into awkward places. In the stairs image below, the horse would be approximately 20x30" and the dog 12x18". 
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My pet isn't photogenic.
My pet isn't well behaved!
My stable yard/garden isn't pretty!
I don't feel comfortable having my photo taken.
I have no idea what size pictures I want?
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