What is the difference between a canvas and an acrylic?

This page will help you if you're unsure about products. I have lots of example sizes and products that I display at shows and events, so I can bring them round to your home when we view your images so that you can get a better idea of what might look good on your walls.

Some people have a more modern home, and like acrylic products. They are bright, glossy and colourful. Made of a photographic print, adhered to the back of an acrylic block, they are shiny and as reflective as glass. In the picture above, the bottom left corner shows where it kept reflecting my flash umbrella! They don't have a texture and are completely smooth, and can be wiped with a cloth.

They are also thin, and come with a hanging system on the back as you can see on the picture below. One half of the hanging system is attached to the wall, and the acrylic then slides ontop and floats slightly away from the wall.
Some people have a more traditional home, or prefer the chunky look of the canvas. The photograph is printed onto a canvas fabric, and varnished with a Giclee varnish. The texture of the canvas is quite obvious as you can see in the inset above.

All of my canvases are excellent quality, thick and made with stretcher bars, and tight corners. They come with a metal hanging system on the back so you can hang them from a hook in the wall. As always, I'd be happy to go through this with you and help you with your decision when we meet!
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What is the difference between canvas and acrylic?
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