A full session starts at £100 (may be higher depending on your location,) and includes a £25 print credit that you can put towards your prints or wall art. You can then choose extra prints and wall art from the product list below. 

My average customer spends £200 on wall pieces and prints, but there is no minimum spend.

Digital Images are sold as a separate item and are not included with your session. They start at £35 per image.


Set of 3 9"x6" prints - £30

12"/10" x 8" print - £25

18" x 12" print  - £50

24" x 16" print - £75

16"x12" - £45

20"x16" - £65

30"x20" - £85
18"x12" - £75
24"x16" - £120
30"x20" - £160


18"x12" acrylic - £120

24"x16" acrylic - £215

30"x20" acrylic - £250


How Do I Book?

Head over to my Contact page,

Call me for a chat on 07506 065 612

Or email me at  [email protected]

Give me as much information as you can,where you live, all about your pets and what type of  session you would like to book. I'll get back to you and discuss dates I have available.

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