People are always telling me their pet isn't photogenic!


You know your dog is beautiful, I know your dog is beautiful, but some animals just pull awful faces when you point a camera at them. Or they look bored to death, half asleep, or turn the wrong way. Pictures come out blurry, or dark, or your other dog gets in the way!

Sometimes with horses, you try to get a shot of them galloping in the field, they look majestic and marvellous... but they look like a dot in the distance on your phone picture.

People have asked me if the horses I photograph are models, and the pictures on this page will show you that they are normal horses, just like yours! The owner of the horses in the image above, told me that it was impossible to get a good photo of the chestnut, he just wasn't photogenic! He nailed shot after shot, after shot, and we soon changed her mind!






I've been doing this for a while now, and I have lots of (usually crazy) tricks up my sleeve to get your pet looking like the superstar that you know and love. I have the special equipment, knowledge of light and angles, and knowledge of animal behaviour to get you an amazing image for your wall.

I also have the ability to edit out scars, or discolouration on dogs faces, and bring out the texture of their coat. Have a look at my 
editing page for more details. Trust me to make them look their absolute best for you.


The most common questions I get asked.

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My pet isn't photogenic.


My pet isn't well behaved!


My stable yard/garden isn't pretty!


I don't feel comfortable having my photo taken.


I have no idea what size pictures I want?


What is the difference between canvas and acrylic?


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