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Horse and Lady over dry stone wall in Birtle, LancashireConnemara pony and girl portrait, CheshireGrey welsh and girl portrait, NorthwichEngagement announcement with horse and coupleYoung boy on his gypsy cobTwo little girls on their dartmoor ponyGrey sport horse in field in autumnHorse jumping at sunset silhouette against skyDapple grey and spotted horse galloping in fieldRider and connemara resting in summer pastureSpotted horse cantering in field in autumnLady and Dun horse on driveway in Cheshire with blue skyGrey pony in buttercup field, summerIron grey pony in fieldHorse silhouette at sunsetPiebald cob and rider galloping on gallopsWelsh D Bay jumping in menageWelsh cob trotting on beachFresian x and rider in heather on moorsWelsh D cantering with flowing mane