All the coloured's of the rainbowAll the coloured's of the rainbowPiebald and skewbald horses and ponies grazing at sunset in Middleton, Greater Manchester.

Equine and Canine photography sessions across Cheshire, Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

Horse and dog photography sessions at your stable yard, or favourite dog walking spot. Here's how it works:

 We start by having a chat over the phone or email, so I can get more information about your animals, and what you are looking for from your photoshoot. We'll agree a date for your session, I'lI drive out to meet you and we'll have great fun photographing you and your pets. Sessions can last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on whether the subjects want to make it easy or difficult for me! 
You can find examples of my work in the main galleries here.
Boxer dog headshot portraitBoxer dog headshot portraitBob the boxer posing in the long grass in the winter.
If you have any questions or hesitations, I've answered some of the most common ones in the links at the bottom of this page, but feel free to
get in touch, I'd be happy to explain things to you in person!

You can find all of my session prices, and details about products here. Equine photo sessions can include ridden, posed and natural shots of your horse, and the much sought after black headshots. Canine sessions can include posed, natural, crazy, active and small detail pictures of your dog, and of course you and your family can get into the photographs too. (But only if you want to!)

Alex and her fell pony DanAlex and her fell pony DanAlex and fell pony Dan against a bright blue sky over Ashton in Manchester.

A few days after your session, I'll come and visit you at home, and together we'll go through the best of your pictures. I've been told many times that people get a bit overwhelmed with the choice of photos, as they love them all so much! So I'll come and give you my advice and help you choose. I'll bring along sample products of different sizes of print, canvases and acrylics, so that you can ask any questions and see examples before you decide what to go for.

Once you've decided, it can take up to two weeks for your printed products to arrive with me. When they do, I'll wrap them all up beautifully with my lovely LizzyMint packaging and deliver them to you by hand! Call or email me today through my
contact page, there's no obligation, and I'll talk you through everything, or scroll down to find common questions and answers.



The most common questions I get asked. Click to see my answers! (Sorry, work in progress - some pages may not be ready yet!)
My pet isn't photogenic.
My pet isn't well behaved!
My stable yard/garden isn't pretty!
I don't feel comfortable having my photo taken.
I have no idea what size pictures I want?
What is the difference between canvas and acrylic?
Contact me now to ask any questions, or to book your session.