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Headshot Sessions

Information and Tips




Thank you for booking a headshot session with LizzyMint Photography.
Here’s some information and tips to get the best from your session.

For the best results, we will need to use a large stable doorway, or a large
open sided barn or indoor school. Anywhere that catches the sunlight 
in the doorway, and is gloomy inside. 
Keep an eye out for any stables on your yard that catch the morning or evening sun.
If you notice any horses dozing over the stable door with 
their faces in the sun, that may be the one to use! 

Decide if you would like your horse in a headcollar, a bridle, or nothing at all.
Steer clear of brightly coloured headcollars if possible, they can end up standing out
more than the horse on the black background. A nice leather headcollar is fine, 
but a show bridle is best if you have one.
Please remember to clean your bit!

Also decide if you want your horse plaited or natural. 
All grooming should be done before your session. These photos show up EVERY detail,
so if you want your horse to look polished to perfection, he will need to be polished
on the day. Editing can remove scars and blemishes, and even clean up worn bridles, 
but can’t remove dirt or stable stains. A quick wipe with a baby wipe over the eyes
and nose or even some baby oil if you have some will make a big difference.

On the day, I'll ask you to sign a quick form of T&C's, and take down your name and address. 

We’ll go through your unedited pictures on the day. I will try and get several 
poses for you to choose your favourite one from. Then I will go away and
work my magic on it, and you’ll receive your beautiful piece of art through the post
within two weeks. Your A4 print will be printed on metallic paper to enhance
the detail, and provided unmounted, ready for you to frame. I can provide 
an upgrade to a framed print, and I will bring examples with me on the day.

I’m excited to meet your horses, and I’ll see you all soon!

Thorougbred headshot on black backgroundThorougbred headshot on black backgroundHead study of bay thorougbred Owen, owned by equine charity Jigsaw MEPT, he works with autistic children to help them learn to be calm and to communicate better.

Benson black head studyBenson black head studyBenson , beautiful bay horse in a leather headcollar. Partially blind in one eye.