1. Best Turned Out3. First Ridden Showing4. Junior Ridden Showing5. Coloured, Spotted, Palomino5b. Chaps Open Non Native/ Cob Traditional Coloured6. Pony of Hunter Type6b. Horse of Hunter Type7. Show Mini/Maxi Cob8. Part Bred9. Novice Showing10. Open Showing11. Open Showing over 14.211a. Traditional Gypsy Cob12. Ex Racer/Sporthorse13. Pure Bred Arab14. Riding Horse and HackMorning Ridden Championship15. Ridden Stallion16. Ridden Best Gelding17. Ridden Best Mare18. Capability Ridden19. Ridden Veteran20. Traditional Native Coloured22. M&M First Ridden23. M&M Junior Ridden24. Ridden A&B25. Ridden C&D26. Ridden M&M Large27. Ridden M&M Small28. M&M NoviceAfternoon Ridden Championship29. In Hand Best Turned Out30. M&M Youngstock31. Shetland32. Welsh C&D33. Welsh A&B34. M&M Best Condition36. Best Mare37. Best Gelding39. Traditional/Native Coloured40. M&M Small41. M&M LargeMorning In Hand Championship43. Nicest Trot46. Young Handler47b. Traditonal Gypsy Cob Senior48. Open Showing (Plaited)49. Best Condition50. Veteran51. Coloured/Spotted/Palomino52. Hunter Type56. Riding Horse/HackAfternoon In Hand ChampionshipSupreme ChampionshipQuest Championship