Don't think your pet will co-operate?

People always say that their dog wont sit still for photos, or won't come to call. Don't worry! I'll let you in on a secret, yours isn't the only one! I would say 90% of the dogs I photograph don't entirely do as they are told. They are normal, cheeky happy, excitable pups. If they are completely crazy, and that is their nature, then I'll work with their nature and get crazy photos. Sometimes it's best to let them run off their energy and do the crazies first, then try a few calmer ones later. Pet photo sessions NEVER work out the way I plan them, if I have a shot in mind, it hardly ever works, but I ALWAYS get you something unexpected and better than you imagined, and that's the fun of the whole thing!

You might not realise it, but lots of the dogs I photograph are actually on the lead. Most leads can be edited out in Photoshop, so you would never know. The owner might be just out of shot, or hidden behind a tree, the dog might be on a long rope if they aren't good at coming back when called, and I'll remove it later in editing, as in the shot below. (I also added a sky taken in the same spot ten minutes later after the rain cloud had moved!)


Group shots of several animals are difficult, for the same reason as taking a family picture. Pets blink, look the wrong way, or have a better expression in a different image. I'd love to say I can get all animals to sit together and pose beautifully, but for when I can't, I do what's called a "head swap". Parts of subjects such as heads and tails can sometimes be edited in from similar photos taken at the same time.

Then we get to the more complicated stuff. I have many years of Photoshop training under my belt, so although not always possible, things can be rebuilt and re-invented from almost nothing. Such as the images below. This kind of work is time consuming, but if I feel one of your images would benefit from extra work, it will be completed before you view your session images.



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