• I specialise in equine photography, but do work with other animals too.

  • I travel to your home, your stables, or your dogs favourite park.

  • I've recently moved to Northwich, Cheshire, but I still cover Greater Manchester, Rochdale, Oldham, Bury, Wigan and many other parts of Lancashire.  

    I'm Liz, (Lizzymint to my friends!) & I'm a freelance pet photographer based in Northwich, Cheshire.  That's me up there with my dog Diesel.

I got into photography after selling a horse and realising I had no photographs of her, back in the days when I didn't have my own film camera, never mind a digital one. So I decided to get as many photos of my new horse as possible. I've now had him 12 years, and I have plenty of photos! You'll see him dotted around the site, he's the piebald with the blue eyes in the sunset pictures.

I don't just click a button on a camera. Locations are scouted beforehand to give you the best scenery and light for your photos. I'll nail the right stride or the take off for a jump on your horse's picture, and catch the personality and the quick glances of your dog. I work in all weathers, winter and summer, to get the best pictures I can. I lie on the floor while horses gallop around my head, stand in lakes, get covered in mud, slobber and water splashes from dogs. I get hay in my hair and up my nose, climb trees to get a new angle, or make a fool of myself (or my assistant) to get horse's ears forward on a shot.

I spend a couple of hours with you, then I go home and spend many hours (usually a full day) organising and retouching your album. When they are ready, I come back to visit you, we chat about and choose your favourites, I go home and prepare them for print, get them printed, packaged and sent out to you. Like I said, I don't just click a button on a camera, I get completely immersed in my job. And I LOVE it!

Have questions? Email me through the contact form, or to [email protected] about anything you want to know, I'll reply as soon as I can.